Brand Strategy & Design

On a mission to create a better, more deeply connected world.


My name is Sarah Voss.

I am on a mission to create a better world, one where we are more deeply connected to ourselves, each other and natural world surrounding us.

I believe that in order to create a better world, the change must start from within.

I am committed to a life of learning, growth. To becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be for the benefit of myself, others and the world around me. It is my intention to combine my passion for personal growth with my professional skills to

My passion for personal growth with my background in graphic design and marketing led me to starting a business that specializes in Brand Strategy, Marketing and Design.

My goal is to use my branding services to support purpose-driven businesses in creating a better world.

By working closely with my clients, effectively strategizing & designing their brand’s identity and connecting their messages to people who care, it not only drives businesses to higher levels of success, but also enables them to make a greater impact.

The time is now to come together as one. To remember our interconnectedness. To take responsibility for our actions and to be the change we wish to see in the world. To work together and to create our visions of a better world into a reality.

I dream of a world in which we all experience connection on a deeper level - to each other, to the natural world & within ourselves.

This is my vision, what is yours? Let’s create it.


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