Mula Mexicana


It all started…

In Montreal, Canada - when a group of people from different places all around the world came together as one big familia. They are driven by a shared vision - to create a restaurant concept that is much more than just serving the highest quality & most delicious Mexican food, but also in creating a one-of-a-kind and memorable culinary experience that explores Mexican culture and tradition.

At MULA, we believe in having an open mind to other cultures, and we believe the best way to learn about culture is through food. In Mexico, food is what brings people together, and it is our intention to bring people together to celebrate, explore and discover the very best of Mexican culture through through every fresh ingredient, unique flavour and creative recipe we share.

MULA welcomes all to our space — to eat together as neighbours & friends and to discover Mexico in a way like never before!

Bienvinidos a cultura MULA. Bienvinidos a Casa.

Brand Description:

Modern / Warm / Welcoming / Creative / Unique


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